7. Oct 2020 : COVID-19: Stricter rules to combat infection in the metropolitan area

The Minister of Health has accepted the recommendations of the Chief Epidemiologist for stricter limits on the size of gatherings in the metropolitan area. These take effect on 7 October 2020. The restrictions announced on 5 October remain unchanged in other parts of the country. The restrictions announced here will remain in force until 19 October.


7. Oct 2020 : Emphasis on service via phone, online chat, e-mail and Facebook

Due to COVID-19 the current response phase in Iceland Emergency phase, inhabitants and other guests that need to contact Hafnarfjarðarbær Municipality Offices at Strandgata 6 or Norðurhella 2, are kindly asked to contact Hafnarfjörður by e-mail or by phone 585-5500 to decrease visits to our Municipal Offices.


6. Oct 2020 : Swimming pools will close from October 7

Stricter regulations and restrictions in the capital area, which took effect at midnight on October 7, include e.g. closure of swimming pools and bathing areas. The Hafnarfjörður swimming pools will therefore continue to be closed. The restrictions are valid until October 19.


5. Oct 2020 : COVID-19: Changes to the rules on gathering sizes and schools

New regulations setting out stricter measures to combat the spread of COVID-19 have been approved by the Minister of Health and took effect at midnight on 4 October 2020. With certain exceptions, the size of gatherings is now restricted to 20 persons. Here follows a summary of the main changes.


1. Oct 2020 : The heart of Hafnarfjörður and Hafnarborg in pink light

Pink October has begun. Over the years, Hafnarfjörður has shown support for the campaign, illuminating pink light on beautiful houses, public artwork or walls.

30. Sep 2020 : Grants from The Town Council Executive Committee

Each year, The Town Council Executive Committee provides grants to associations, companies or individuals for activities and services that fall within the municipality's role or are otherwise considered in accordance with the municipality's policy and priorities.

30. Sep 2020 : Precautions in sports halls due to Covid19

The third wave in Covid19 began with a considerable outburst last week and continued cautious actions are aimed at ensuring that children's school and leisure activities, including sports activities, remain intact. 


29. Sep 2020 : Prevention education on drug usage for our young people

Hafnarfjarðarbær, in collaboration with the company Heilsulausnir, will in the coming weeks offer students in 9th and 10th grades in Hafnarfjörður's primary schools prevention education on drug usage called Choose with the aim of informing our young people about the dangers of drugs and addiction while strengthening their self-esteem


29. Sep 2020 : 30 preschool employees on scholarships

Since 2015, staff in the town's preschools have received scholarships from Hafnarfjarðarbær to study preschool teacher education. The project and the initiative has the important goal of increasing the proportion of professionals in the municipality's preschools and thus in the group of preschool teachers. 


28. Sep 2020 : Music and motor unite young people

Mótorhúsið was founded in 1996 and is located at Dalshraun 10. Mótorhúsið is a community center for 13-20 year old with facilities for repairs and maintenance of various vehicles. In the same building is also the music studio Músikheimar, where studios have been set up for rehearsals and recordings for young and promising musicians. 

25. Sep 2020 : New version of school calendars

Statistics on traffic on the primary schools websites show that the school calendars are the most popular content on the websites. Recently the calendars were changed into more accessible forms. 

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