New version of school calendars

25. Sep 2020

School calendars are a popular topic

Statistics on traffic on the primary schools websites show that the school calendars are the most popular content on the websites. Recently the calendars were changed into more accessible forms. This way, users (parents and guardians) can now easily download their primary school calendar and transfer it to Outlook, iCalendar or Google Calendar. Before, it was only possible to download the calendars in the form of PDF documents on the schools' websites.

This small but important change and addition makes it possible for parents and guardians to always have the school calendar accessible by phone and/or computer, and therefore there is less risk of important days such as holidays, working days or events being forgotten. A comparable solution for all Hafnarfjörður kindergartens that are hosted in another web management system is a work in process. 

Here is an example from Víðistaðaskóli's website -

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