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New in Iceland - a pilot project of Icelandic Ministry of Social Affairs

13. Jul 2021

New in Iceland Ráðgjafarstofa fyrir innflytjendur is a pilot project of Icelandic Ministry of Social Affairs and was established as a result of parliamentary resolution from 2019.

In the Hafnarfjörður Service Center at Strandgata 6, you can get all the information related to the municipality and its services. On Hafnarfjarðarbær's website you can contact our Service Center through the web-chat (Icelandic ,,netspjall“) open during the same hours as our Service Center from 08-16 during all workdays.

But sometimes you need more information about life in Iceland or help and advice. Then it is good to keep in mind that New In Iceland is there to help you.

New in Iceland is here to help you. All their services are free of charge and confidential

Immigrants can get assistance to feel safe, to be well-informed and supported while living in Iceland. Counselors offer information and advice with respect to your privacy and confidentiality. They are cooperating with key institutions and organizations in Iceland so together we are able to serve you according to your needs.


Counseling in seven languages in addition to Icelandic

You can talk to them in English, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Lithuanian, Russian and Icelandic. They provide telephone interpretation.


Posters, cards and flyers available at the service center 

One of their counselors brought posters, cards and flyers and they are now on a display and up for grabs in our service center at Strandgata 6

202565691_194355899307792_9135253455340812946_n-1-Ólafía the intercultural project leader and her "assistant" received the posters and flyers(photo from New in Iceland)

New in Iceland

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