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Neat gardens and plots honoured in Hafnarfjörður

10. Sep 2020

The Carmelite Convent at Ölduslóð in Hafnarfjörður recently received a badge of honour – Snyrtileikinn 2020 - from the municipality of Hafnarfjörður. Nine house owners received recognition award for beautiful and well-kept gardens, of which two gardens received special incentive recognition award as they have the first gardens that are ready in Skarðshlíð, the newest residential area in Hafnarfjörður. Sólgarður at Óseyrarbraut 27b received recognition for having the neatest plot for companies. Sólgarður has a diverse selection of vegetation and various types of caves and rocks, which is extremely welcome in an otherwise grey industrial area. This year's Star-street is Birkiberg, a beautiful street in Setberg where the residents work together to maintain the gardens in the street and the whole streetscape is really beautiful.


The badge of honour goes to the Carmelite Convent in Hafnarfjörður

In 1939, the Dutch Carmelite nuns founded a monastery in Hafnarfjörður, but in 1984 the Carmelite nuns from Poland took over the monastery and today there are twelve of them. In the monastery there is a lovely garden that the nuns have made more or less themselves. In the middle of the garden is Mount Carmel, which is a mountain in Palestine where the first ones living according to the Carmelite Convent organized rule lived. Carmel means garden. In the 13th century, the Carmelite rule spread throughout Europe. The sisters brought with them to Iceland innovations in vegetable cultivation and were initially cultivated vegetable species that few of Hafnarfjörður residents had seen, but in those years mainly potatoes and beets were grown here.

There is clearly a certain ideology in the garden, but there you can find a sanctuary for each and every nun, as well as small houses of prayer. There is a lot of peace and quiet over this beautiful monastery garden and it is admirable to see how much diligence it has taken to establish this garden. There is a great variety in trees and vegetation as well as growing vegetables and berry bushes for own usage. It is no secret how much influence the nuns on Ölduslóð have had on the community here in Hafnarfjörður. They have been intertwined with Hafnarfjörður culture and life for almost 80 years. For this the Municipality of Hafnarfjörður is thankful.

The selection is entirely based on submitted nominations

The selection of neat gardens and plots is based entirely on nominations from residents and friends of Hafnarfjörður, but nominations were open all summer. The Municipality of Hafnarfjörður congratulates the residents and owners of these gardens and plots!