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Music and motor unite young people

28. Sep 2020

Mótorhúsið was founded in 1996 and is located at Dalshraun 10. Mótorhúsið is a community center for 13-20 year old with facilities for repairs and maintenance of various vehicles. In the same building is also the music studio Músikheimar , where studios have been set up for rehearsals and recordings for young and promising musicians. Birgir Þór Halldórsson, Askur Máni Stefánsson, Starri Steindórsson and Guðmundur Frímann Kristinsson work in the community center.

The local newspaper Hafnfirðingur visited the boys onsite.


Starri, Askur and Birgir on the workshop side of the building. Photo / OBÞ

Starri and Askur say that they themselves attended Mótorhúsið when they were schoolmates in their time in 8th or 9th grade. "We were still not in the same group of friends, but common interests connected us here and the friendship has lasted ever since. We were all into cars at this point in life and this was the place to meet. The oldest in the group that came at that time is now 29 years old. ” They say the job is super fun and it mainly involves boys in the motor part of the business, usually alone but sometimes with their girlfriends. "They also come from all districts of Hafnarfjörður, which is a good development from what it was before. Kids who do not necessarily find themselves in the activities in the community centers of the schools in the town or in the Youth Center, feel that they are in a safe and welcoming environment here. Often kids on the fringes who have hobbies that they associate with this place. "

MogM3Part of the recording studio. Photo / OBÞ
We have created good facilities for musicians to practice. Photo / OBÞ

MogM5Great gadgets have been collected. Photo / OBÞ

No need to be part of a band

Birgir Þór directs the music section Músikheimar and says that many musicians from Hafnarfjörður have taken their first steps or important steps there since the establishment of the community center. "For example Ingi Bauer, who comes from the pop culture and then the rock band Sign. Then the bands that also have been called something else then  than today. I met e.g. the drummer in my band, Alchemia, here when I was 18 years old. The band Blóðmör, who won the Músiktilraunir last year, rehearsed here and also recorded their first album here. More bands that have taken part in that competition have trained here and recorded demos. "

MogM7Hljómsveitin Blóðmör, who won Músíktilraunir last year, rehearsed in the building. Photo / Facebook page of the band

Just over two years ago, Arnar Þór Gíslason, drummer in e.g. Pollapunk, gave Músíkheimar half a million in gratitude and Birgir says that that amount has been very useful. In the music department, Birgir teaches the young people how studio work is done and it costs them nothing. "When I was here at the time, the studio was not used like that. They are so excited that they bring all the instruments with them right away, but it is best to record one instrument at a time. You can also just come and try to record a song, a drum cover or something like that. It does not have to be part of a band. Everyone is welcome in the studios, even up to 25 years old. "


Addi drummer, when he handed over the grant 2 years ago. With him in the picture are Birgir and Stína Mæja. Photo / OBÞ

MogM9Part of the facility. There is a table tennis table and a sofa set. Photo / OBÞ

MogM10T-shirts with the names of the bands that have rehearsed in the building are on the wall. Photo / OBÞ

Rockets have been built

Starri and Askur say that young people often come to Mótorhúsið to repair a broken motor or bicycle. It is often the attraction. "But then they come faster and get to know us, each other and the business as a whole. Those who came here maybe 10 years ago still come here because they have formed a connection. "Askur adds: "Often these are boys who have just had their driving licence and it is also possible just to come and clean the car, there is no need to repair it. Also to just be here. This is an open house for everyone and it does not have to be a project in progress, as the activities are shaped by those who come here. We do not have any program or to-do list. "Starri agrees: "It is so important that everyone understands and knows that this is first and foremost a facility for all kinds of activities and social nature. Even carpentry. Here you get all the instructions and guidance you need. We know a lot of things." Birgir then adds: "Here, e.g. rockets have been built!"

This interview with Starri, Askur and Birgir was published in the newspaper Hafnfirðingur on September 27th, 2020.