Measuring pole at the library

3. Aug 2021

A two meter high measuring pole has been set up at the Hafnarfjörður Library. The idea is for children to pick up a book at the Library and check their height along the way. In their next visit to the Library they can measure themselves again and check if they have grown since last time. The pole is also for people of all ages, as it is long enough for most adults. The measuring stick was made by Jón Bjarni Bjarnason, director of Men in sheds.


These pictures of Ísak Darri Tryggvason show him trying out the measuring stick. He measured 135cm after borrowing the book „Langelstur í bekknum“ (The oldest in the class) by Bergrún Íris and „Geimverur - leitin að lífi í geimnum“ (Aliens - the search for life in space) by Star Sævar and Villi Scientist. Now the questing is how tall Ísak will measure after he is done reading the books.