• Fjoluhlid-Steinahlid-opinn-leikvollur-1-sept.-2020

Maintenance and renovation of playgrounds

16. Sep 2020

Improvements to the open playground in Mosahlíð were completed this week, with a new fall protection layer and artificial grass, a new spring device and roofing around the area. In the next few days, improvements will be made to an open playground in Blikaás, and improvements are planned to be completed by next week at the latest. The municipality's journey in the maintenance and renovation of open playgrounds continues.

Great emphasis has been placed on the maintenance and renovation of playgrounds  in Hafnarfjörður. The town´s staff has in recent days, weeks, months and years worked on the maintenance and renovation of playgrounds in Hafnarfjörður and the group has moved steadily through the town's districts. The pitches are taken out for construction, the substrate on some pitches is replaced and artificial grass and rubber slabs are replaced to increase the safety, usability and service life of the pitches. At the beginning of the summer, improvements were made to open playgrounds in the heart of Teigabyggð, Álfholt and Stekkjarhvammur. On these pitches, heating pipes were laid, new nets were placed in the football field, fall protection layers were replaced with gravel surfaces, roofing was done and new equipment was installed in some places, as appropriate. 

In our town there are numerous playgrounds and football pitches that we encourage residents and friends of Hafnarfjörður to get to know. It has been heard that some families from Hafnarfjörður are working their way steadily through all the playgrounds in Hafnarfjörður to experience new areas and the diversity. It's a good and healthy idea!