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Magic world of lights in Hellisgerði

2. Dec 2021

Hellisgerði in Hafnarfjörður delighted many on Advent 2020 as a magic world of lights and experience. This beautiful park in Hafnarfjörður has, like last year, become a charming and attractive fairytale land and with its lights will delight its visitors on Advent. The big red Christmas heart at the entrance from Reykjavíkurvegur warmly welcomes guests. Then the fairytale world of lights takes over, where beautiful light series and light figures delight the eye and the spirit. The beautiful little café in Hellisgerði and the two greenhouses that were set up in late summer will be open every weekend during Advent.

Take part in a scavenger hunt in Hellisgerði

In December, a scavenger hunt will be offered around Hellisgerði. Winners will be drawn randomly from all submitted answers on January 7, 2022. You can participate at


Christmas village and Christmas fairytale land in the Christmas town of Hafnarfjörður

Hafnarfjörður welcomed Christmas with the opening of its annual Christmas Village last weekend, a village full of joy, delicious snacks and interesting Christmas goods like Hafnarfjörður Christmas town. The Christmas village will be open every Saturday and Sunday during Advent and on 23 December. Christmas spirit, Christmas lights and Christmas joy have this year, as last year, been extended to Hellisgerði where there is a magical and fascinating Christmas land for experience, outdoor activities and quality time with family and friends. Many people from Hafnarfjörður and friends of Hafnarfjörður enjoyed Advent in 2020 and made their way around the park on their trip around the Christmas town. You could see people enjoying cups of hot coffee or hot chocolate and refreshments in the café, families on a picnic with cocoa and Christmas cookies, children climbing and cave exploring and skating on the pond at the bottom of the park. The Christmas adventure land in Hellisgerði is open 24 hours a day, all Advent and into the new year. In mid-December, an ice rink will be opened in Hafnarfjörður, where another unique opportunity will be created for a different experience in the heart of Hafnarfjörður. 

Bæjarbíó and Christmas heart of  Hafnarfjörður

In December, Bæjarbíó will hold the music festival "Jólahjarta" in Hafnarfjörður . The festival will have a similar format to other music festivals related to Bæjarbíó - in a giant tent in the backyard and free entry to the area. There will be troubadours, DJs and singalong.