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Let's shine brightly this winter!

27. Oct 2020

Reflectors increase traffic safety

Now that the period of daylight is short, it is necessary to be reminded of the importance of having safety reflectors on clothing and appropriate and adequate lighting on all vehicles. Reflectors on clothes and lights increase safety and visibility and are very important during the winter months, when it is dark and icy.


Students at Engidalsskóli happy with their safety reflectors from the Health Town of Hafnarfjörður.  

Safety reflectors, a gift from the Health town of Hafnarfjörður 

In recent years, all six-year-old children have received a safety reflector as a gift from the Health town of Hafnarfjörður. Due to circumstances in the community, the delivery of the safety reflectors was delayed this year, but all children in first grade in Hafnarfjörður's primary schools will receive the gift this week. With the initiative, Hafnarfjarðarbær wants to remind everybody of the importance of safety reflectors and visibility in traffic and increase the safety of the children at the beginning of their first years in primary school. Parents and guardians of all children and young people are encouraged to ensure that their children wear safety reflectors and at the same time, to take care of their own safety reflectors and visibility. It is best to wear reflectors on sleeves, hanging along the sides, on shoes or at the bottom of trousers.

The more safety reflections you wear the better.
Let's shine brightly this winter!