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Let's jump on "ærslabelgir" into the summer

19. Apr 2022

...and together let's help keep them in order

Air has been installed in all four jumping pillows (ærslabelgir) that have been installed in Hafnarfjörður

  • Víðistaðatún
  • ÓlaRun Tún
  • Stekkjarhraun
  • Hraunvallaskóli

On Hafnarfjarðarbær's map website for services and entertainment, you can see information about the exact location of jumping pillows in Hafnarfjörður.

"Æslabelgur", what is that?

"Ærslabelgur" is a buried air-powered jumping pillow that is as high in the landscape and is designed for people of all ages to enjoy and play with jumping and bouncing. The jumping pillows are timed scheduled and open from 9-22 every day of the week during the summer and from 9-18 over spring and autumn until freezing and winter takes over.

The jumping pillows are airless during the coldest months. All "jumpers" are kindly asked to have fun but at the same time be careful and follow the rules that apply. And remember that the jumping pillows are the common property of all residents of Hafnarfjörður and therefore it is in everyone's interest to take good care of the jumping pillows and the surrounding environment. We only do that together.