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Let's celebrate Halloween at home

28. Oct 2020

Halloween is celebrated on October 31th or next Saturday. Halloween is becoming more and more popular in Iceland and in many neighbourhoods it has become a tradition for children to go door-to-door "trick or treating".

Because of COVID-19 restrictions and emergency phase , parents and guardians are encouraged this year to celebrate Halloween differently with their children . The virus is sneaky and can easily spread between individuals when touching items and surfaces which others have touched when walking from house to house to get candy. The risk of getting infected is very high now.

Solidarity is the best disease control measure

Civil defence is in our hands. We will continue to work together to reduce infections. Solidarity is the best disease control measure.

Remember to:

  • Keep a distance of 2 metres 
  • Wash our hands regularly
  • Avoid unnecessary contact


Halloween ideas during the pandemic


Now is the time for masks! Despite the fact that Halloween will be different this year, you can dress up and have a happy Halloween!


Let's decorate windows and houses and even repeat the teddy bear game from last winter, by putting well-chosen Halloween characters in the windows. You can easily look at houses and windows even though you do not knock on doors to get candy.

Treasure hunt 

You can go on a treasure hunt or savage hunt and give the kids a list of things to find. For example, a skull, a pumpkin, a ghost, a tombstone and a teddy bear. 


After the walk or after the game, the little monsters go home and get sweets. It's perfect to have a horrible cosy night.


You can share the joy with photos and videos on social media e.g. the class group or on neighbourhood Facebook pages.