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Last day of registration for summer vacation is March 18th

17. Mar 2021

Last day for registration for summer vacation is March 18th 2021.

From now on the preschools in Hafnarfjörður will be open all year round, the change will take effect the summer of 2021. The aim of the summer opening is to meet the wishes of parents and increase the possibility for parents to be on a summer vacation at the same time as their children. The summer holiday period for preschool children is from May 15th – September 15th each year. Children born in 2015, starting primary school in the autumn of 2021, complete their preschool education no later than July 30th. All children attending preschool must have a 4 weeks continuous summer holiday.

Registration for summer vacation is open from February 18th – March 18th 2021.

The registration of summer vacation is binding and it is important that all parents submit their registration before March 18th. Registration for summer vacation takes place on MY PAGES at - open registration form (choose English version at the bottom)

The activities of the preschools depend on the number of children attending at any given time and therefore the schedule and school work can be different during the summer when most children are on vacation. Summer staff from Vinnuskóli Hafnarfjörður / Work School, 18 years and older, will be added to the group of preschool staff during the summer. All summer staff will take courses that are specially designed for preschool staff and will be held by Hafnarfjarðarbær. When the registration of summer vacation is completed, parents will receive further information about the preschool activities during the summer.

It is important to respect the time limit for registration. We therefore encourage you to register as soon as possible when your child will be on a summer vacation.

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