June 17th, in Hafnarfjörður

13. Jun 2022

Celebrate Iceland‘s National Day with us here in Hafnarfjörður.
We offer a varied programme of events around the town.

8:00 Flags raised

Flag salute at Hamarinn and flags raised all around Hafnarfjörður.

9:00-13:00 Langeyrarmalir

The sea swimming club Urturnar guides beginners. Sauna on wheels and Sundhöll Hafnarfjarðar swimming hall open.

11:00 National costume gathering in Flensborgarskólinn

Annríki - National costumes and jewelery provides assistance in wearing national costumes and encourages residents of Hafnfjörður to wear national costumes from all countries. National costume photograp taken by Hafnarborg at 14:30.

13:00 Parade from Flensborgarskólinn

The Parade starts at Flensborgarskólinn and walks down Hringbraut, Lækjargata and Strandgata and stops at Thorsplan. Hafnarfjörður Brass Band, scouts and vikings lead the parade.

Bókasafn Hafnarfjarðar

  • Kl. 13:00 Fjallkona (the Maid of the Mountain) will put on the golden belt and the head piece
  • Kl. 14:00 Accordion dance music, coffe, „kleinur“ and reading for the kids.
  • Kl. 16:00 Concert
    Musicians Rebekka og Ásgeir play a concert with heartwarming music for those who want to relax in a cozy atmosphere at the library.

13:00-17:00 The sports hall at Strandgata

Hafnarfjörður Badminton club invites guests to visit the sports hall at Strandgata from 13:00 to 17:00. You will be able to try badminton and ping pong and take part in fun games. It will be possible to buy waffles, chocolate cakes and coffee at the BH café.

13:30 -16:30 Hátíðarhöld á Thorsplani

The festivities in the center of Hafnarfjörður begin with a formal program and entertainment at Thorsplan town square.

  • Kl. 13:45 Karlakórinn Þrestir / Þrestir men‘s choir
  • Kl. 13:50 Address by Hafnarfjörður‘s „Fjallkona“ – the maid of the mountain
  • kl. 14:00 Opening of the celebration – Rósa Guðbjartsdóttir mayor
  • Kl. 14:10 Listdansskóli Hafnarfjarðar / Hafnarfjörður dance school show
  • Kl. 14:25 A scene from the play „Langelstur að eilífu“ on show in Gaflaraleikhúsið
  • Kl. 14: 50 Viking battle - Rimmugýgur
  • Kl. 15:10 Tónaflóð – Songs from popular cartoons
  • Kl. 16:00 Dísa‘s disco

Presenters: Social media stars Finnbogi og Melkorka

13:30-16:30 Hörðuvellir

  • Carousel – a great sixteen people amusement ride for all ages! Free admission!
  • Bouncy castles
  • Meet the Snow princess and the Mountain man
  • Balloon animals while supplies last
  • Sale stalls and food trucks: Flatbakan and Dons Donuts

13:30 -16:30 Austurgata festival

Residents of Austurgata welcome you to their street.

14:00 Menntasetrið við Lækinn

Hafnarfjörður brass band plays.

14:00-15:00 Hafnarfjarðarkirkja

Hafnarfjörður Church offers a festive program where Björn Thoroddsen, guitarist and town artist, performs popular Icelandic songs, folk songs and more in his own unique way. With him play Jón Rafnsson on bass and Guðmundur Sigurðsson on piano and organ.

11:00-17:00 Víðistaðatún

The Hafnarfjörður viking festival this year will be held from the 15th to the 19th of June at Viðistaðatún. The program will include an open market, viking fights, games, music, crafts and a viking school for kids, among other things.

11:00-17:00 Hafnarfjörður museum is open

  • Pakkhúsið, Vesturgötu 6, new exhibition about the first collector from Hafnarfjörður, exhibition about the history of Hafnarfjörður and exhibition of toys.
  • Kl. 14:30 og 15:30 The band TÆR plays outside the Hafnarfjörður Museum. TÆR is an Icelandic band that plays countru-indie-rock.
  • Beggubúð is the location of the Museum of Commerce, part of Hafnarfjörður Museum.
  • Sívertsen's House shows how an upper-class family in Hafnarfjörður lived at the beginning of the 19th century.
  • At "Siggubær" you can experience and get to know how the common people of the town lived at the at the beginning of the 20th century.
  • The Bookless Bungalow was built in 1918. It was the residence of Harry and Douglas Bookless, Scottish brothers who ran an extensive fisheries operation based in Hafnarfjörður in the first half of the 20th century.
  • This path around the harbour passes one of Hafnarfjörður Museum's exhibition centres.

11:00-13:00 Get together family event

To celebrate the National Day of Iceland Get together will bake traditional Icelandic pancakes at the Get together center at Vonarhöfn - Hafnarfjörður church (entrance on Suðurgata).
Please come by and have some free coffee and pancakes with us. Icelandic flags and gifts for the children. Everyone is welcome!
Get together is a supportive platform for refugees and asylum seekers living in Hafnarfjörður. The project is run by volunteers in collaboration with the churches in Hafnarfjörður and Hafnarborg - Hafnarfjörður Cultural Center.

12:00-17:00 Hafnarborg

Free admission as always.

  • Kl. 12:00 Ballon artist makes balloon animals, worms and creatures inspired by Gunnar Arnar Gunnarsson‘s work.
  • Kl. 14:00 Guided tour of the exhibition in the main hall.
  • Kl. 12:00-17:00 National costume show.
  • Kl. 14:30 National costume photograp taken at Hafnarborg

14:00-16:00 Blue light driving by the Fire Brigade of the capital area

The fire department intends to drive through Hafnarfjörður with the blue lights flashing and the Icelandic flag, some time between 14-16.


A capella group „Á léttum nótum“ sings in nursing homes

Streets and squares

  • Children can try horse riding with Sörli at the end of Austurgata.
  • FH‘s athletic athletics department fun and games
  • Bouncy castles open all over the festival area
  • Reykjavík Street Food food trucks at Thorsplan: Tasty, Grill of Thrones and Hungry Viking
  • Unexpected events by the Art Group of the Hafnarfjörður Work School.

19:00-22:00 Evening Concert at Thorsplan

An evening program in the heart of Hafnarfjörður. Young musicians perform mixed with other more experienced ones.

  • Kl. 19:00 Young artist warm up
  • Kl. 20:00 Guðrún Árný
  • Kl. 20:20 Klara Elías
  • Kl. 20:40 Birnir
  • Kl. 21:00 Flott
  • Kl. 21:30 Friðrik Dór
Presenter: Birna Rún Eiríksdóttir actress

20:30-23:00 ÞAU taka Pallett!

The band ÞAU will perform at Pallett Hafnarfjörður, june 17th! The artists and musicians Garðar Borgþórsson and Rakel Björk Björnsdóttir form the Icelandic band ÞAU. ÞAU combines the gifts of theatre and music through old Icelandic poems and story-telling. Adventures come to life and the past meets the present. Old long forgotten voices merge with young voices full of curiosity. The band ÞAU released it's debut album in March 2022, named "ÞAU taka Vestfirði." The album includes 12 original songs by ÞAU with old Icelandic poetic lyrics.

Traffic closures

The city center will be closed to car traffic during the festivities:

  • Strandgata by Lækjargata
  • Linnetsstígur by Fjarðargata and Hverfisgata 23
  • Austurgata from Linnetsstígur
  • Mjósund by Austurgata
  • Tjarnabraut from Arnarhraun to Lækjarskóli
  • Disabled parking spots at Linnetsstígur 1

Residents are encouraged to park legally near the city center, walk or take the bus. We point out the many parking spots by the harbour, Lækjarskóli, Tækniskólinn, Flensborgarskólinn, Íþróttahúsið by Strandgata and Víðistaðaskóli. 


  • Brynjar Þór Gestsson
  • Tinna Hallbergsdóttir
  • Steinn Jóhannsson


  • Geir Bjarnason
  • Tinna Dahl Christiansen
  • Stella Björg Kristinsdóttir
  • Margrét Gauja Magnúsdóttir
  • Jón Grétar Þórsson
  • Brynja Birgisdóttir

The program could change without notice and new events can be added or canceled.