June 17th, in Hafnarfjörður

Celebrate Iceland's National Day with us in Hafnarfjörður. Happy National Day in Hafnarfjörður

16. Jun 2021

 Flags raised 

Flags saluted at Hamarinn at 8:00 and flags raised all around Hafnarfjörður. 

Parade from Hraunbyrgi

The parade starts at Hraunbyrgi next to Hjallabraut at 13:00, then walks down Hjallabraut and ends at "Menntasetrið við Lækinn". 


  • Opening of the National day's program at 13:30.
  • Karlakórinn Þrestir / Þrestir men's choir.
  • Hafnarfjörður's "Fjallkona", Bergrún Íris Sævarsdóttir reads poetry.
  • Viktoría Tómasdóttir, winner of Samfés singing competition sings a song.



  • Concerts with Friðrik Dór and GDRN at 14:00
  • Leikhópurinn Lotta / actors from Lotta perform, at 15:00 and 16:00. 
  • Circus performers walking around.
  • Sales stands.



  • Concerts with Friðrik Dór and GDRN at 15:00.
  • Circus performers.
  • Rides, climbing wall and canoe.
  • FH's athletics department fun and games.
  • Vikings.
  • The BBQ will be hot, you can bring your own food.
  • Food trucks from Reykjavík Street food: Tasty, Gastro, Vængjavagninn and Hungry Viking.


  • Dísa's disco at 14:20 and 15:20.
  • Circus performers.
  • Listdansskóli Hafnarfjarðar / Hafnarfjörður dance school show at 14:45.
  • Bubble show Iceland – Soap bubble artists.
  • Sales stands.

The sports hall at Strandgata

Hafnarfjörður Badminton club invites guests to visit the sports hall at Strandgata from 13:00 to 17:00. You will be able to try badminton and ping pong and take part in fun games, take part in a drawing competition and take pictures in a photo booth. It will be possible to buy waffles, chocolate cakes and coffee at the BH café.

Hafnarfjörður library

  • Coffee and "kleinur".
  • Fjallkona (the Maid of the Mountain) will put on the golden belt and the head piece at 12:45. 
  • Accordion dance music at ráðhústorg at 13:00. Toys and chalk for the kids and bouncy castle for the small kids. 
  • Outdoor concerts at 15:00 with the band Fjara and the artis Birgir Hansen. 

Hafnarborg, culture and art center

Hafnarborg is open 12:00 - 17:00 

  • Benjamín Gísli Einarsson pianist performs Icelandic folk songs in the main hall at 14:00.
  • Guided tour of the exhibition in the main hall at 15:00 
  • Concerts with Friðrik Dór and Viktoría Tómasdóttir winner of Samfés singing contest at Hafnarborg/Krydd at 16:00.

Hafnarfjörður Museum

Hafnarfjörður museum is open 11:00 - 17:00 

  • The exhibition “Kaupmaðurinn á horninu” shows the history and developments that began in retail operations in Hafnarfjörður in the 1920s
  • Beggubúð is the location of the Museum of Commerce, part of Hafnarfjörður Museum.
  • Sívertsen's House shows how an upper-class family in Hafnarfjörður lived at the beginning of the 19th century.
  • At "Siggubær" you can experience and get to know how the common people of the town lived at the at the beginning of the 20th century.
  • Good Templars Hall was built in 1886. It was the first public hall in the town, and for a long time it was the centre of cultural and social activity in Hafnarfjörður.
  • The Bookless Bungalow was built in 1918. It was the residence of Harry and Douglas Bookless, Scottish brothers who ran an extensive fisheries operation based in Hafnarfjörður in the first half of the 20th century.
  • This path around the harbour passes one of Hafnarfjörður Museum's exhibition centres. The centre houses collections of photographs depicting the life and times of the people who built the town of Hafnarfjörður.


  • The sea swimming club Urturnar guides beginners from 10:00 to 15:00. 
  • Sauna on wheels open from 10:00 to 15:00.
  • Sundhöll Hafnarfjarðar / swimming hall open from 10:00 to 17:00. 


Residents of Austurgata welcome you to their street.

Streets and squares

  •  Bouncy castles open at 13 all over the festival area and will be open until 17.
  • Unexpected events by the Art Group of the Hafnarfjörður Work School.
  • Unexpected events Hafnarfjörður's Creative summer jobs.
  • A group from Vinnuskóli Hafnarfjörður will decorate the festival area with environmentally friendly balloons.
  • The sailing club Þytur invites guests to try kayaking and rowing boats at Flensborg Harbor.
  • Arctic surfers invite guests to try SUP at "Menntasetrið við Lækinn".
  • Children can try horse riding with Sörli at the end of Austurgata.
  • The gymnastics club Björk invites guests to the parking lot at Strandgata 11.

Blue light driving by the Fire Brigade of the capital area

The fire department intends to drive through Hafnarfjörður with the blue lights flashing and the Icelandic flag, some time between 11-14.

The program could change without notice and new events can be added or canceled. We ask guests to respect the number limits in event areas, one meter proximity rule and pay attention to individual infection control and use face masks when appropriate.