• Ærslabelgur á Óla Run túni

Jumping pillows / ærslabelgir - change in operation hours

31. Aug 2021

The opening hours of the jumping pillows / ærslabelgir go hand in hand with the outdoor hours for children

The three jumping pillows that have been installed in Hafnarfjörður have been very popular this summer. During the summer, the pillows are open from 9 - 22 every day of the week. As of September 1, the pillows will be open from at 9 - 18 every day until the temperature drops below zero and the winter weather takes over. The aim is to keep the pillows open for as long as possible, in line with outdoor hours rule. There is no air in the jumping pillows during the winter until spring returns.

Outdoor hours from September 1st - May 1st

  • Children, 12 years old or younger, may not be outside their home after 20:00 pm.
  • Children, 13 to 16 years of age, may not be outside their home after 22:00 pm.
  • The rules are in accordance with the Child Protection Act and children may not be in public outside of the above hours unless accompanied by an adult. The rules can be bent when children aged 13-16 are on their way home from school, sports or youth activities. The child´s birth year rather than its birthday applies.

Common property the inhabitants of Hafnarfjörður

The municipality reminds that the jumping pillows are the common property of all residents of Hafnarfjörður and therefore it is in everyone's interest that it is kept in good condition. Let us help keep them in order so that we can ensure the fun and joy of jumping to continue this autumn. We do that together!