• AErslabelgur

,,Ærslabelgir" or jumping pillows closed as of today

5. Nov 2020

As of today, the jumping pillows or ,,ærslabelgir" at Víðistaðatún and Óli Run tún will be airless and thus made inactive during the wintertime. The intention was to keep air in the mattresses a little bit longer, but in light of stricter disease control measures, for safety reasons and the fact that the jumping pillow at Víðistaðatún has been damaged, it has been decided to empty the mattresses and prepare them for the winter.

,,Ærslabelgir" have been very popular this summer as a gathering place for families, children and young people. As soon as spring returns with its warmth and sun, our beautiful and colourful ,,ærslabelgir" will be re-opened. Until then, we encourage families, young people and children to take advantage of other opportunities for outdoor activities, togetherness and entertainment.