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Is the vegetation on your property a problem for others?

7. Sep 2020

Tree vegetation in Hafnarfjörður has grown well this summer and in many places well out onto sidewalks and footpaths, which in many cases means that the vegetation has begun to obscure the view of both pedestrians and drivers. The line of sight for drivers should always be unobstructed and pedestrians (including students on their way to and from school or leisure) should be safe on the town's sidewalks and should not have to walk on roads and streets.

Let's join hands and remove the vegetation that exceeds the plot boundaries

The situation has become unfortunate in many places in Hafnarfjörður and it is necessary for all residents to join hands and ensure that tree vegetation beyond the plot boundaries is removed. When that time comes, snowplows on footpaths also need to get their way unhindered so that it can be ensured that e.g. hiking trails will be accessible. The problem is quite big in the oldest districts of the town and in Setberg where the streets are often narrow. Also in many places close to schools on hiking trails that students use a lot.

What you need to keep in mind is that:


  • Traffic signs are visible
  • Vegetation does not obscure street lighting
  • Pedestrians and cyclists should not make their way along footpaths
  • Where sweepers and snowplows pass, the minimum height of vegetation over paths must not be lower than 2.8 meters
  • Vegetation must not be cut below 4.2 meters on roads, and this height rule also applies where garbage trucks, fire brigades and ambulances must follow a sidewalk or path.


Building regulations impose an obligation on garden owners to keep vegetation within the plot boundaries. In the regulation no. 112/2012 gr. 7.2.2 states: “The owner of the plot is obliged to keep the growth of trees or shrubs on the plot within the plot boundaries. If he does not do so, and where the growth of trees or shrubs goes beyond the plot boundaries by a street, footpath or open area, the road manager or occupier of the area may remove the part that causes disturbance or disturbance, at the expense of the plot owner following a warning ".

Landowners are encouraged to trim their vegetation on the plot boundaries as appropriate so that everyone can get their way safely and smoothly, but there are examples of tree vegetation shading traffic signs, street names and even lighting.