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Information on sports activities in the capital area

9. Oct 2020

The Icelandic Chief Epidemiologist and the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management have recommended that all sports activities and sport exercises in the capital area will be cancelled for the next two weeks to prevent group formation, intimacy and gatherings of people from different groups and neighbourhoods. To reduce the risk of infection and reduce the risk of pressure on the health system.

All indoor sports activities on behalf of the municipalities cancelled 

The school and sports departments of all municipalities in the capital area have, in consultation with the civil defence in the capital area, decided to cancel all sports activities and school sports that takes place indoors from 8 October until 19 October. All physical education will take place outdoors. Swimming pools will also be closed to the public and school swimming lesions are cancelled.

These actions show solidarity with ÍSÍ's actions regarding restrictions on sports in the capital area. To protect children, primary school staff and school activity. The opponent is the virus and it is important that the residents of the capital area show solidarity and do everything in their power to reduce the amount of infections.