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Improvements to public playgrounds

17. Jul 2020

Our town has numerous playgrounds and playing fields that are maintained and improved each year.

Over the past few weeks, we have been working on the playgrounds in the innermost part of Teigabyggð, Álfholt and Stekkjarhvammur.

The paving at the playground in Teigabyggð was repaired and new nets were installed in the football goalposts. In addition, the fall protection layer was replaced with a gravel underlay and artificial grass laid on top. In addition, a team of workers from Vinnuskólinn (Work School) has laid new sod around the playground.

At the playgrounds in Álfholt and Stekkjarhvammur, the underlay and overlay were renewed, a new swing was installed in Stekkjarhvammur and paving laid. An outdoor barbeque will also be set up at Stekkjarhvammur.

The employees of the Environmental and Planning Division have been involved in these projects with the help of expert contractors. In addition, summer employees and the staff of Vinnuskólinn (Work School) have been hard at work finishing these areas.

During the next few weeks the underlay and some of the playground equipment will be renewed in the playgrounds in Ljósaberg, Blikaás and the area between Steinahlíð and Fjóluhlíð.

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