• Lyngbard-juli-2022

Improvements of playgrounds

26. Jul 2022

This summer there has been quite a lot of renovation of the open air playgrounds and soccer fields here in the town. Among them are the playgrounds at Drekavellir, Túnhvamm and Lyngbarð, as you can see in the pictures here further down in the article. However, there are a few more playgrounds and fields on the agenda, so the improvements will continue throughout August and September.

We also encourage everyone to familiarise themselves with the wide range of playgrounds and soccer fields on the town's map website here: Leik- og sparkvellir | Hafnarfjörður (


Drekavellir playground

Drekavellir-1-juli-2022Drekavellir-juli-2022Túnhvammur playground


Lyngbarð playground