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Impact of tighter restrictions on the municipality's services

26. Mar 2021

Impact on Hafnarfjarðarbær's services 

Due to increased number of COVID-19 infections this week, the Ministry of Health has issued a regulation with stricter measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections. The regulation took effect at midnight 25th of March. The measures are due to a group infections that have broken out in Iceland involve the ‘British' strain of the corona virus, which is far more readily transmitted than most other variants and causes rather more serious illness. 


The Chief Epidemiologist urged that the restrictions apply to children as young as six years old. Apart from this, the rules now taking effect are broadly similar to those imposed on 31 October last year, which proved effective in quelling the third wave of the pandemic in Iceland.

Most gatherings will be limited to 10 people, not counting children born in or after 2015. Junior schools (age 6 to 16), music schools, senior schools and universities will be closed until the beginning of the Easter holidays. Activities of many types involving more than 10 participants will be prohibited. The decision by the Minister of Health to impose these tougher restrictions was based on proposals from the Chief Epidemiologist for an immediate response in view of group infections that have arisen in the country over the past few days so as to limit the spread of the virus. The new rules will remain in force for 3 weeks.

In ​welfare services, the municipality will provide necessary service as possible in line with the restrictions. Wearing a mask is mandatory at all municipal offices and it is important to keep at least 2 meter distance from other individuals. Great emphasis is placed on personal infection prevention. 

Hafnarfjörður Municipality takes the following measures in accordance with the regulation:

  • All primary schools in Hafnarfjörður are closed 
  • The Music School is closed 
  • Youth centers are closed
  • After-school centers are closed 
  • Preschools will be open 
  • Swimming pools are closed 
  • Hafnarfjörður Museum and Hafnarborg maintain traditional opening hours with a max 10-person limit
  • Hafnarfjörður Library will be open from 10-17 Mondays - Thursdays, Fridays from 11-17 and Saturdays from 11-15
  • Advertised events are cancelled 
  • Indoor and outdoor sports activities that require contact will not be allowed 
  • Service Center will be open as normal with restrictions. The customer service is closed at noon from 12-13 o´clock
  • Hafnarfjarðarhöfn (the harbour) is open for necessary traffic 

Welfare services 

  • The Child protection department is part of important services that remain open at all levels. There is no change in child protection services 
  • Hraunsel is open for senior citizens but with reduced activity. It is possible to come to an informal meeting, but it is necessary to notify beforehand by calling 555-0142
  • All organized group activities for senior citizens such as darts, dance, bingo, bridge, socializing, crafts, literature club and Qi gong will be cancelled until further notice
  • Canteens for senior citizens at Hjallabraut and Sólvangsvegur are closed, but home food delivery can be ordered 
  • The activities of Geitungar, Kletturinn and Vinaskjól are open with restrictions
  • The Rehabilitation Center at Bæjarhraun is open with restrictions 
  • Day care at Hrafnista is open as well as at Drafnarhús and Sólvangur
  • There will be no change in home care services for those with registered services 
  • Lækur is open with restrictions 

Other services and general activities of Hafnarfjörður municipality will follow the restrictions set, the 2-metre distance rule must be ensured between persons in the same area, as must the appropriate maximum number (10). There should be no contact (mixing) between compartments.

The Service Center at Strandgata 6 will remain open, but guests must wear masks and respect the 2 meter distance rule. Residents and other visitors are encouraged to use online service methods, minimize onsite visits for necessary errands and minimize document delivery. Documents will not be processed until after at least 48 hours. The Town Hall will only be open for necessary visits to keep all traffic to a minimum. 

All kinds of services can be made by phone 585-5500, through online chat at www.hafnarfjordur.is/en and via e-mail: hafnarfjordur@hafnarfjordur.is