• Á er hægt að sjá hvaða fyrirtæki í Hafnarfirði taka á móti Ferðagjöfinni

Have you used the Travel Gift?

6. Sep 2021

A gift for domestic traveling. Create memories while domestically traveling, and support Icelandic tourism

All individuals with legal residence in Iceland, born 2002 and earlier, can receive a 5,000 kr. Travel Gift. The gift is a part of supporting Icelandic tourism following the COVID-19 epidemic, and encourage residents to have quality times while traveling domestically. The travel gift 2021 is valid from the date of issue until 30 September. More information is available at Í

Many companies in Hafnarfjörður can accept the travel gift

The gift needs to be fetched at Í with a personal electronic certificate (rafræn skilríki).
From there you can either download the "Ferðagjöf" app from App Store or Play Store; or simply use your Travel Gift from Í, and scan the barcode upon purchase.

Travel Gifts can be used at tourism companies . You can view the full list of available companies at

At you can see companies that have signed up for the Travel Gift's participation and here is a list of those companies in Hafnarfjörður: 


Please note that as there is free admission to the Hafnarfjörður Regional Museum and the Hafnarborg Cultural and Art Center, the museums are not registered as recipients of the Travel Gift.

At you can see which companies accepting the Travel Gift and you can select the service you want in the menu (Activities-Accommodation, etc.). When the search results appear, you can choose to see "Company accepting travel gift". You can narrow your search to specific territories.

Create memories while domestically traveling, and support Icelandic tourism