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Hafnarfjörður Map Web is a powerful real-time provider

23. Mar 2021

On  Kortavefur, the Map Web , you can view Hafnarfjörður and the surroundings in a new light. The map website is a powerful tool to get to know our town better.  Hafnarfjörður is placing more emphasis on digital services and dissemination for the town's residents and other stakeholders. In recent months, a great deal of work has been done on updating, refining, enlarging and strengthening the town's map website, improving its functionality and entering data and information that has only been in PDF documents on the web. The purpose is to further facilitate access to important and popular information graphically in one place. 



Introductory video about the map website of Hafnarfjörður (in Icelandic). "Jökulá" produced 

In the central and open area of ​​the map website, you can view whole lot of ​​information regarding planning, drawings, activities and services of the town. All drawings by planning authority can be accessed, which are scanned and registered as soon as they have been approved, and thus both special and main drawings are made accessible electronically. The map website is updated daily and shows the latest information. 

On the map website, e.g. the following can be accessed: 

  • drawings of houses and plots in the town 
  • vacant plots (new) 
  • local planning 
  • neighbourhood boundaries 
  • school district 
  • heritage and protected areas 
  • the town's basic services such as the location of schools, institutions, playgrounds, and swimming pools
  • local water supply, heating and sewerage as well as pipelines
  • information on business services and entertainment 
  • earthquake activity
  • webcams 
  • transport information and traffic accidents
  • traffic and cycling routes  

If drawing plans are not found on the web, you can contact Hafnarfjörður's customer service at 585-5500 or send an email to for further information. Explore Hafnarfjörður and the surroundings in a new light. You can delete nothing and change nothing, just view! Check out the map website of Hafnarfjörður