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Great program for children and young people

9. Jun 2021

Interview with Stella B. Kristinsdóttir, director of leisure activities at Hafnarfjarðarbær

Stella B. Kristinsdóttir is the director of leisure activities at Hafnarfjarðarbær and she works closely with with the leisure centers and community centers located at all primary schools in Hafnarfjörður. She is one of many who assists with organization of creative summer activities for leisure centers in the town. Participation in organized activities promotes both well-being and social skills. This applies to both leisure activities run by the municipality and courses by all the clubs in the town.


Leisure activities in all leisure centers this summer

"As before, we will offer summer leisure for 7-9 year old in the leisure centers. Courses will be offered in all leisure centers from 14 June to 2 July and again from 4 to 23 August. From the 5th of July to the 3rd of August, a course will be offered in Krakkaberg at Setbergsskóli, so there is something going on in the leisure centers throughout the summer," says Stella. Summer leisure includes a varied program consisting of creative workshops, games, exercise, exciting trips, fishing, swimming trips and events. "The program can vary depending on which leisure center is chosen, so it is good to look at the program carefully and even try a new one. The leisure centers also offer summer leisure time for the preschool graduation groups in August, where new students get the opportunity to get to know their school, their leisure center and the school's immediate surroundings with the aim of increasing their safety feeling and well-being at the beginning of schooling ".


Hafnarborg summer workshops

This summer, Hafnarborg will offer workshops for children, 6–12 years old. The groups will go on field trips in Hafnarfjörður and basic techniques of art will be introduced by exploring the environment, the museum's exhibitions, creative work and play.

The children will work on projects in different media – drawing, painting and moulding – with the aim of developing visual focus and inspiring creative thought and personal expression.

Everything from a music studio to an experimental kitchen

The community centers in Hafnarfjörður will offer a course in June for children who finish 4th - 7th grade with the aim of keeping them active during the summer holidays, giving them the opportunity to meet other children and attend interesting workshops. The courses will be held at Lækjarskóli and Hvaleyrarskóli. "You can attend different workshops, from a music workshop to an experimental kitchen, and the children can come as often as they want and when it suits them for two weeks at a time. The courses have not been age-divided, but it is under consideration to offer courses for 7th graders for two weeks," says Stella. Children in 4th to 7th grade with special needs will attend Sumarklettur, where they work  with their strengths and according to their needs.

 All activity and participation  matters

"It is very important for our children and young people to remain active during the summer, as they do all year round, especially when parents and guardians are at work themselves. Hafnarfjörður, institutions, associations and sports clubs in Hafnarfjörður have a variety of activities going on throughout the year, so everyone should be able to find something suitable. Last year and this year, through summer jobs for students, we have created innovative jobs where we try to increase access to leisure during the summer. The project aim is to reduce isolation during the summer by offering personal service and assistance with registration. This summer it is possible to use a special grant for children who come from lower-income households for summer courses, and we welcome the fact that the opportunities for those families to participate in sports or summer activities are being equalized. Vinnuskóli Hafnarfjarðar / work school is an ideal venue for young people from the age of 14. With outdoor activities and refreshing company of peers and routine. With increased environmental thinking, sustainability and interest, the demand for family gardens in Hafnarfjörður has been growing and this is a great opportunity for families and others to grow their own vegetables during the summer," says Stella, who encourages everyone to take part in summer readings at by the Hafnarfjörður Library, which ends with a festival at the end of the summer.

The article was published in Fjarðarfréttir in Icelandic, May 26, 2021

Registration for summer activities is now open
Leisure activity grants 

On the website you can view courses and summer leisure activities organized by Hafnarfjarðarbær as well as information about The Work School of Hafnarfjörður (work intended for children and young people aged 2-16).

Photo: Guðni Gíslason