• Seltun2020

Funding provided for continued development in Seltún

29. Mar 2021

The Tourist Site Protection Fund recently allocated ISK 16 million for further development in Seltún in Krýsuvík. The grant is provided to improve facilities, services and hiking trails as well as to improve facilities for outdoor activities in the area as a whole. This is a very active high geothermal area and it requires that hiking trails need to be constantly repaired. 

Popular tourist destination  

In 2017, parking was repaired and paths were repaired. In 2018, work began on preparations for of installation of bigger toilet facilities, and new toilets were opened in 2020. The construction that is currently underway involves the construction of walkways and more at a geothermal area in the area. Today there are gravel paths. This implementation is considered very important and urgent, e.g. due to safety and nature conservation considerations.

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