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Formal graduation from the project Health Promotion 65+

18. Sep 2020

Formal graduation from the project Diverse Health Promotion 65+ in Hafnarfjörður - the way to successful senior years under the auspices of Janus Health Promotion took place in Hafnarborg this week. A radiant group of participants who have completed this two-year project came to graduation, received graduation certificates and celebrated with the group that has trained together under the guidance of Janus Guðlaugsson and his powerful team. Covid19 did put its mark on the implementation and arrangements of the project, but the harmonized group found ways to improve health despite closures and restrictions during the period. Part of the group intends to get ongoing guidance while others continue on their own,as sustainability in exercise after graduation is one of the stated goals of the project.


New group will start training at the end of the month

At the beginning of this year, the first group graduated from the project in Hafnarfjörður, and that graduation marked a turning point for Janus Health Promotion and the municipality of  Hafnarfjörður. The purposeful health promotion of Hafnarfjörður's senior citizens continues and after graduation this week, about 110 participants are active in the project, which accommodates a total of about 160 participants. An introductory meeting for a new group was held last Tuesday. More than 60 people attended the meeting and the program is already full.  The project includes not only exercise for the age 65+ but also regular educational sessions with an emphasis on nutrition and various health-related aspects such as mindfulness, drug use in connection with training and education about balance and exercises for balance training.

Health app accessible to all participants

Janus Health Promotion received a grant from the Technology Development Fund for the development of a health app that is now ready for use by all participants in the project. With this new script, participants can track their own training through exercise programs, track their performance after measurements, and keep track of daily exercise. The script is intended as a follow-up and ongoing incentive for the group.

Emphasis placed on increased activity of senior citizens in Hafnarfjörður

Health promotion for senior citizens is part of Hafnarfjörður's health policy. The health policy covers all community groups, all age groups, all schools and institutions and the municipality as a whole. Diverse health promotion 65+ under the auspices of Janus Health Promotion is one part of the important task of implementing the health policy. The health town of Hafnarfjörður has for years emphasized increased activity, e.g. senior citizens in Hafnarfjörður with leisure time grants, social work and other special projects, e.g. lunch concerts in Hafnarborg and weekly health and cultural walks during the summer, to name but a few. In mental and physical exercise there is an important prevention that has a positive effect on the quality of life and on general participation in life and work, on social connections and friendships and not least on long-term residence for the older age group.