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Fishing competition at the harbor in the sun

28. Jun 2021

About 500 children and young people aged 6-12 took part in a fishing competition in Hafnarfjörður. The municipality has held the competition for decades and the interest and participation has grown with each passing year. Now the competition has become one of the most populous fishing competitions and hundreds of children are looking forward to trying to catching the strangest fish, the biggest fish and trying to win the award of the highest number of fish caught.


The diversity of fish caught is characteristic of this year's competition

Three young anglers received a prize for their catch and achievement and received a fishing rod and a trophy. The eight-year-old, Pétur Rúnar Pétursson, received an award for the biggest fish, plaice - a flatfish that weighed 320 gr. Brynjar Árni Eiríksson won a prize for the strangest fish of the year which turned out to be a jellyfish and Stefán Kári Stefánsson for catching the highest number of fish caught in the competition this year.
IMG_9649Participants in the fishing competition were both kids who are participants in summer courses in Hafnarfjörður and others who attended with their parents and guardians, and their number is increasing, as pier fishing is popular in Hafnarfjörður.