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European Week of Sport 2021 started yesterday - take an active part!

23. Sep 2021

Hafnarfjörður takes an active part with open houses and practices 

European Week of Sport is held from 23 to 30 September each year in over 30 European countries. The aim of the week is to promote sport and general physical activity, thus counteracting increased inactivity among the general public. It is for everyone, regardless of age, background or physical condition. A number of clubs in Hafnarfjörður have already announced their participation with open practices and an open house these days. 

The following clubs have advertised open rehearsals and open houses: 

The Icelandic Sports and Olympic Association manages the project and encourages municipalities, sports clubs, associations and others to co-operate. The Health Town of Hafnarfjörður encourages residents and friends of Hafnarfjörður to take an active part by showing up at open exercises and open houses that are available to interested people of all ages these days. Come and try e.g. swimming, golf, cycling, skateboarding, badminton, table tennis, horses, gymnastics and running. Alone / alone or with the family. 

Let's try something new and find a suitable exercise that is fun! 

During European Week of Sport, Europeans unite under the slogan #BeActive. Information about open houses, open rehearsals and everything that The municipality of Hafnarfjörður is aware of goes directly to the event calendar on the town's website (in Icelandic).