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European Transport Week 2020 has begun!

16. Sep 2020

The theme of the Transport Week of the year 2020 is Let's choose the green way.

European Transport Week starts today, on Icelandic Nature Day and this year under the title "Choose the green way". The Transport Week, which has the important purpose of encouraging environmentally friendly transport, runs from 16 to 22 September. This year, the focus is on the positive development that more and more people travel between places in an environmentally friendly way, and thus the number of those who use other means of transport than the private car has increased.

The town of Hafnarfjörður participates in the transport week together with municipalities all over the country. Part of parking at Strandgata in Hafnarfjörður will be turfed this week and the project is a symbolic contribution from the municipality. By replacing the paved area with a green area, pedestrians and cyclists are given more space in the city center at the expense of cars.

Means of transport that have a positive effect on the environment and atmosphere

Since 2002, cities and towns in Iceland have taken part in a concerted effort by European municipalities to promote sustainable transport. The title of the campaign is European Transport Week and it is held from 16 to 22 September every year. The aim of the week is to introduce residents to urban modes of transport that are at the same time environmentally friendly, economical and improve people's health while having a positive impact on the environment and atmosphere.

Exercise your muscles and choose the green path! .... most days of the year!