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Enrolment in primary schools autumn 2022

13. Jan 2022

Enrolment for children in Hafnarfjörður who will be attending 1st grade in primary school in autumn 2022 has begun with February 1st as the first criteria day to ensure school choice. Applications can be made after that day, all year around. Enrolment is done electronically through our web - My pages - under: Applications – Primary schools - Application for Primary school. Enrolment of new students is the responsibility of parents / guardians.

Application - enrolment 

Hafnarfjörður is a single school district divided into school areas

The primary schools operated by the municipality are open to all children and parents are encouraged to find out about the activities offered by these schools as well as those of other schools. Hafnarfjörður is a single school district divided into school areas. The domicile of the student determines the school they are entitled to attend. Parents may, however, apply for school admission for their children in other areas. As spring approaches, the school to which child has been accepted will send all the necessary information about school activities ahead, such as leisure centre registrations and meal subscriptions, recreational courses for children aged 6 in August before school starts and other important information.