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The voter list and polling stations in Hafnarfjörður

14. Sep 2021

The voter list in Hafnarfjörður for the parliamentary elections on 25 September 2021 is on display in the service center in Hafnarfjörður Town Hall at Strandgata 6 from 8-16. The voter list will be on display every working day from 15 September 2021 until and including Friday 24 September. Voters are pointed to the website: where information can be found on where voters are on the voter list. Voters are encouraged to find out if their names are on the electoral roll. Comments on the voters list shall be directed to the Hafnarfjörður town council. 

Polling stations - where do you vote?

Polling stations in Hafnarfjörður are Lækjarskóli, Sólvangsvegur 4 and Víðistaðaskóli, Hrauntunga 7. Access to Víðistaðaskóli is also from Hraunbrún. The voting starts at 9 and ends at 22 on Saturday 25 September. Voters must show identification at the polling station. There are 20,463 on the voter list in Hafnarfjörður.

Click here to find your polling place (in Icelandic)

CAN I VOTE? WHERE SHOULD I VOTE? – To find out if you have the right to vote and where you should vote, visit this site set up by Registers Iceland . It´s in Icelandic but you simply fill in your Icelandic personal ID in the field and press the ,,Leita” button.

When entering the ID number, the name, domicile and municipality appear. Information about the polling station and constituency is also usually displayed. Voters are on the voting list in the municipality where they have their registered domicile three weeks before election day, 4 September 2021. The change of the legal domicile after that time does not change the registration on the voters list.

Hafnarfjörður Central Electoral Commission

The Central Electoral Commission will be based in Lækjarskóli. The telephone number of the Central Electoral Commission is: 555-0585.

Voting outside the polling station

As of 23 August, absentee voting in the capital area will only take place on the 1st floor in Smáralind, near the entrance to the northeastern part on the 1st floor and on the 3rd floor in Kringlan, a cinema corridor. It is open every day of the week from 10 - 22. On election day, it will only be open on the 1st floor in Smáralind from 10 - 17 for voters who are on the voting list outside the capital area.

Further information on the parliamentary elections can be found on the website of the Government of Iceland (in Icelandic) and at Fjölmenningarsetur - Multicultural and Information Centre