• 17Juni2021

Do you want to have a stall or event on June 17th?

10. May 2021

Do you want to have a sales stall on June 17th?

Hafnarfjörður and the National Day Committee are looking for interested parties to rent a stall on June 17th. We are especially looking for people who intend to sell food and drink. The sales permit is valid on Thursday June 17th, where the celebrations will take place in Hafnarfjörður.

Do you want to have an event on June 17th?

Events on the national holiday itself are also requested. The program includes children's and family entertainment around the town and all kinds of fun. Do you have an idea for a creative and fun event or event that can delight the minds and hearts of Hafnarfjörður residents and friends of Hafnarfjörður?

Deadline for applications and submitted ideas

Applications for stalls and ideas for entertainment must be submitted no later than Tuesday May 18th at 15:00 to the e-mail address: . For further information, please contact the Secretary General of the National Day, June 17, Sunna Magnúsdóttir,