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Do not forget the leisure activity grant!

30. Aug 2021

Hafnarfjarðarbær's leisure activity grant is intended for all children and young people aged 6-18 who are registered for active sports and leisure activities. This is a monthly grant to reduce participation fees. When registering electronically with sports and leisure clubs, inside or outside Hafnarfjörður, parents and guardians can choose to use the grant and deduct it from participation fees.

What you need to know about the leisure grant:


  • For 6-18 year old children domiciled in Hafnarfjörður (based on year of birth)
  • The grant may be used for music school
  • The leisure activity grant can be used to pay for a gym card or a similar access card related to sports and exercise for 16 years and older. The cards must be valid for three months or more, provided that certain conditions regarding training for practitioners and management are met. The permit is valid from the beginning of the year in which the children turn 16
  • Subsidies only apply to members and recognized persons who have organized teaching / training for at least 10 weeks at a time and at least one exercise per week
  • The town's subsidy is a maximum of ISK 4,500. per month per practitioner
  • The leisure time subsidy will never exceed ISK 54,000. a year
  • Payment receipts received before the 15th of each month and meeting the criteria in the rules will be paid on the 20th of the next month
  • Receipts older than two months from the start date of the course are not accepted
  • Grants from members cannot be refunded or refunded once the parent / guardian has used the grant

Further information about Hafnarfjörður's leisure activity grant

Activity in sports and leisure activities is important for all children

The aim of these leisure activity grants is to allow children with legal residence in Hafnarfjörður to participate in sports and recreational activities regardless of their family finances and at the same time promote sports and other preventative activities in Hafnarfjörður. The grant is also meant to prevent the unwanted dropout in participation by older age groups.

Let's encourage our children to engage in constructive leisure activities!