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Disruptions to school and extracurricular activities

25. Nov 2020

Instructions on how to respond to warnings and instructions from the Meteorological Office for guardians of children in schools and leisure activities have been updated in Icelandic, English and Polish

Information on disruption of school work on SHS's website - Icelandic, English and Polish 

Guardian responsibilities

Parents and guardians, hereinafter referred to as guardians, must pay close attention to any
news about the weather, weather forecasts and other recommendations from the authorities
that could affect children's school and extracurricular activities, and must respond in the
appropriate manner.

Weather conditions can vary between areas and can change rapidly without warning. You
should not travel to work or school if you are unsure of your ability to travel in these weather
conditions or if you do not have the correct equipment for travel, e.g. if the car is not equipped for winter driving.

The following guidelines only apply to “younger children”, i.e. children under the age of 12.
Please note that these are only guidelines and any decisions are at the discretion of the guardian.

You will be notified if school and any extracurricular activities are cancelled. The school may not be fully staffed at the beginning of the school day and guardians may be asked to assist. We ask that you respond positively to any such request. The decision to accompany a child to and from school during poor weather conditions is always at the discretion of the guardian. The school must be informed of any weather-related absences so that the reason for absence is correctly registered. The school should also be informed of any difficulties travelling to and from school, due to weather conditions

How to respond to a weather warning from the Icelandic Meteorological Office?

Information on how custodians respond to weather warnings from the Icelandic Meteorological Office can be found in the following instructions:

Icelandic PDF
English PDF
Polish PDF