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Different Ash Wednesday / Öskudagur due to Covid19

11. Feb 2021

Ideas during Covid-19 pandemic

On Ash Wednesday/ Öskudagur, children in Iceland dress up in fancy-dress and go out to collect sweets, the tradition is visiting companies and singing in exchange for candy.

If you want to know more about Ash Wednesday / Öskudagur and the days before, you can read this article from 2019 that  RÚV- English published.  

The Civil Defence in collaboration with the Directorate of Health and Home and School – the National Parents Association have issued guidelines regarding Ash Wednesday, which all relevant parties are kindly asked to take into consideration in the task of having a good and happy but different Ash Wednesday during the pandemic. 

Let's make have some fun at home or at school 

Let's celebrate the day at home, at school, at the leisure centre or the community centre. 

Let's dress up in costumes 

Let's break up everyday life by dressing up. We should all dress up in costumes. Young and old. 

Let's revive old traditions 

Now is the chance to revive old Ash Wednesday traditions like making Ash bags and ,,knocking the cat out of the barrel".  Of course with all infection prevention measures in mind. 

Let's sing for sweets in our local environment

If there is a tradition of walking between houses or companies in the neighbourhood, it would be ideal for parent associations to take matters into their own hands to keep track of where it is possible to come and sing for sweets. Be sure to take the utmost care and give only bagged sweets. 

Solidarity is the best disease control measure

Civil defence is in our hands. We will continue to work together to reduce infections. Solidarity is the best disease control measure.

Remember to:

  • Keep a distance of 2 metres
  • Wash our hands regularly
  • Avoid unnecessary contact

We are all civil defence!