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COVID-19: Restrictions to 10 November

21. Oct 2020

New regulations have taken effect laying down restrictions on the size of gatherings and certain school activities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The regulations will remain in force until 10 November (inclusive), with the exception of interim provisions applying to the metropolitan area, which will apply until 3 November 2020. 

As hitherto, more stringent restrictions apply in the metropolitan area than elsewhere in the country. Outside the metropolitan area, the main change now taking effect is that the ‘social distance' to be maintained between persons who do not share the same home has been increased from 1 m to 2 m.

Restrictions applying in the metropolitan area – principal changes:

  • All sports and leisure activities for children of pre-school (kindergarten) age and junior-school age, including school swimming lessons, which involve physical contact, is prohibited. Thus, sports and leisure activities that do not involve physical contact are permitted. All sports and leisure activities that do not involve mixing between groups over and above that which takes place in the classroom, e.g. breaktime activities or physical education classes in schools, are therefore permitted.
  • Sports and fitness activities: Subject to certain conditions, sports and fitness activities may be organised and pursued providing that these are structured group sessions in which all participants are registered, the maximum size of each group being 20 persons. In these cases, the 2-metre social distance rule shall be observed, participants may not exchange equipment during the session and all equipment shall be disinfected between sessions. Shared use of equipment that is fixed to the floor, ceiling or wall, or of large items of equipment (e.g. in fitness and body-building centres) is prohibited.

Restrictions applying outside the metropolitan area – principal changes:

See here from the Ministry of Health