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Constructions begin at Norðurbakki

21. Sep 2020

At a meeting of the Port Authority on 12 August it decided to begin the process of the project "Norðurbakki - rock protection". This part of the project is a prelude to further development and completion of the project at Strandstígur and the outdoor recreation area at Norðurbakki and at Norðurgarður. The drawing studio Landslag and the engineering service Strendingur have worked on the preparation and design of the project in collaboration with Hafnarfjarðarhöfn and Hafnarfjarðarbær.



Quadruple implementation

The final finishing work in the Norðurbakki area can be divided into four phases, and the entire project involves preparation and finishing from an environmental and safety point of view before the final finishing on the surface takes over. In the first phase of autumn and winter 2020/2021, rock protection will be placed in front of a steel wall at Norðurbakki and this project is expected to be completed at the beginning of 2021. The second phase will be implemented in the summer of 2021 when rock protection will be added outside Norðurgarður. Phase three then involves the reconstruction and elevation of Norðurgarður. Following the rock protection at Norðurbakkinn, the first phase of finishing the surface of the bank will be completed, but the aim is to make it a diverse and fascinating outdoor recreation area as part of Strandstígur - from Langeyrarmölar to the marina.

  • Phase 1. Construction: Rock protection on Norðurbakki. Construction time: Autumn - winter 2020/2021
  • Phase 2. Construction: Rock protection at Norðurgarður. Construction time: Summer 2021
  • Phase 3. Construction: Reconstruction of Norðurgarður. Construction time: Introduced later
  • Phase 4. Construction: Finishing on the surface of Norðurbakki. Construction time: Introduced later

Intervention in the area with occasional stimuli and pressure on the population

The project will naturally involve some intervention in the Norðurbakki area that residents will be aware of. As the work is in a densely populated residential area and access to the area is narrow, emphasis will be placed on transporting as much material as possible to the a0rea  from the sea to minimize stimuli and ensure the safety of those passing through the construction area. Access to the area will thus be on the one hand from the sea and on the other hand, when it can not be avoided, from the road next to Norðurbakki 13. Thus, e.g. to work rock loading from the bank. 

Residents and operators in the area are thanked in advance for their understanding during the construction.