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Come along! Sports for all

3. Mar 2021

Does your child have a favourite sports activity but doesn‘t know where to practice?

The Icelandic Youth Association (UMFÍ) and The National Olympic and Sport Association (ÍSÍ) have published a new brochure with information of the operations of the youth and sports organisations in Iceland. The brochure contains information about organised sporting activities, the benefits of exercise, participation fees at sports clubs and leisure subsidies and parental participation.

The brochure and poster is accessible in different languages: Icelandic, English, Polish, Lithuanian, Pilipino, Arabic, Vietnamese and Thai

Daily exercise is necessary for the children and youth's normal growth, development and mental- and social well-being.  According to the Directorate of Health, children and youth should exercise daily for at least 60 minutes. Those children and youth who exercise regularly during childhood are much more likely to continue exercising into adulthood.

Research has shown that participating in organized sport activities has various positive effects on the well-being and behaviour of children and youth. 


  • They are more likely to be healthier and feel better mentally, physically and socially than those children who do not participate in the activities.
  • Children and youth who participate in formal sporting activities are provided with a release for their need to move and are less likely to use tobacco, alcohol or other narcotics. 
  • Participation in organised sporting activities has a positive effect on the personal growth and development of individuals. Children and youth learn ethics, integrity, respect, cooperation, loyalty and commitment by participating. 
  • They also learn how to deal with victory and setbacks, set goals for themselves, work hard and be considerate, work in groups and respect other people's opinions and follow rules. Participation in sports also emphasises important values such as team spirit, unity, tolerance and fair play. 

Come along

Participating in sports is fun. By participating, your child is introduced to new friends, it strengthens its health and can increase its proficiency and knowledge of Icelandic. Those children and youth who participate in sport activities in an organised manner are often more
successful in their studies and through sports, the parents as well as their children obtain a greater social support network. 

Further information about the project is provided by Ragnhildur Skúladóttir, Email: and Ragnheiður Sigurðardóttir, Email: