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Vehicles without number plates left in public areas

14. Apr 2021

Recently, it has been reported that vehicles without registration numbers are left in open and public areas, and the municipality has received numerous complaints regarding that. It has therefore been decided to make a special effort to remove vehicles without number plates placed on sidewalks, open areas, empty plots and paths and can block vision and create danger or have negative appearance. This applies in particular to certain districts, but  can be found within almost all districts.

Tips on vehicles without number plates that have been left for a long time are received through the town's suggestion portal.

We welcome all suggestions - see here

Individuals and companies are asked to remove vehicles 

Special attention is drawn to the fact that Hafnarfjarðarbær may, following a warning, remove vehicles that do not have registration numbers on plots in public places, streets and public parking spaces and vehicles left in open areas, at the expense of the vehicle owner.

Hafnarfjörður municipality hereby encourages individuals and companies and all those involved to clean up and remove vehicles without number plates.