• Vellirnir2020

Care Market at Haukar sport centre this weekend

4. Dec 2020

A group of caring women in "Vellir", the neighbourhood in Hafnarfjörður have gathered to help their neighbours and set up a market in Haukar sport centre or "Haukahúsið". The initiative and the market that goes by the name - Kærleikur (care) 2020 - is unique because everything at the market is free of charge and the goods are intended for personal use for those who need. The donations are in the form of clothing, toys and items for the home that thoughtful individuals and companies want to donate to the project and allow others to enjoy.

Everyone who needs this kind of a support is welcome

The ,,market" is held in "Haukahúsið" and has already been open for two days. The group behind the initiative has decided to open the market on Saturday from 14-17. Donations are accepted on from 11-13. At the market there will be clothes in various sizes, from baby clothes to adult clothes, Christmas decorations and even new products that would even be suitable as Christmas gifts. You can also find pillows, blankets, hats, outerwear, shoes, sportswear and clothes for the holidays. Due to the restrictions on gatherings during the pandemic everybody  entering must wear a mask and are asked to limit their time inside to choose what they need for the home and for their family for about 10 minutes. 

Please do not use the main entrance. Use the entrance on the right.

  • Donations are accepted from 11-13 on Saturday 5th of December
  • Gift table open from 14-17 on Saturday 5th of December

If you, a dear resident, want to donate Christmas decorations, items for children, adult outerwear, children's outerwear or footwear, these items are quite popular at the market.