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Bjartir dagar - Bright days all summer

21. Apr 2021

Bjartir dagar (Bright Days) are coming up, a cultural festival that reflects all the diverse cultural work that takes place in Hafnarfjörður. Usually, this first town festival in the country lasts for five days, but it has been decided that the festival, which begins the last day of winter with the selection of a town artist from Hafnarfjörður performing, the presentation of cultural grants and students' summer songs, will last all summer. Thus, funding for initiatives has been increased and all interested parties are encouraged to apply for micro-grants for events and entertainment at Bjartir dagar in the summer of 2021.

See here the program (Icelandic)

This year the opening program of the festival is quite plain and in a different format in light of the restrictions on gatherings, but everyone should find something to their liking and several events will be streamed online so more people can enjoy. This time, special emphasis is placed on adolescent culture in order to encourage young people to take an active part in cultural activities, activate their creativity and give them the opportunity to enjoy art and culture. All guests are encouraged to respect limits to the number of people at gatherings, the two-meter proximity rule, pay attention to infection control measures and use face masks when appropriate. It can be expected that regular events at the town festival will take place later this summer when the environment and conditions allow.

Some examples of fun programs

  • 3rd graders at Hvaleyrarskóli sing under the direction of Guðrún Árný live on the Facebook page of Hafnarfjarðarbær (Wednesday 21 April at 10)
  • Art workshops in youth social centers. The social centers in Hafnarfjörður offer varied and exciting art workshops for teenagers in the upper grades of primary schools.
  • Preschool art. Preschool children take part and decorate the windows and the immediate vicinity of their preschool.
  • Spring exhibition at Soffía Sæmundsdóttir's studio, Fornubúðir 8. Soffía shows new art work made in recent months.
  • The children art school -"Listasmáskólinn" exhibit at Brikk. Exhibition of works by students of the art school in the windows of Brikk, Norðurbakki 1.
  • Afternoon tunes in Hafnarborg on Friday 23 April. The famous singer Andrea Gylfadóttir and Sálgæslan will perform. You can order tickets, but the concert will also be streamed online.
  • The photo exhibition "Friends you have not yet met" in the lobby of Ásvallalaug. A visual story telling about young people from Frederiksberg in Denmark and friendship city of Hafnarfjörður and young people in Hafnarfjörður.
  • The plogging day. The residents are encouraged to step in and clean up their town.
  • Open house at Brettafélag  Hafnarfjarðar (Skateboard/BMX and Snowboard club)  Flatahraun 14. Free admission to the SKATE park and you can borrow equipment if needed.
  • Bird watching in Höfðaskógur. Departed from Þöll by Kaldárselsvegur.
  • The town's museums will be open. Hafnarfjörður museum, Hafnarfjörður Library and Hafnarborg the Hafnarfjörður Centre of Culture and Fine Art.
  • A role playing game day at Hamarinn youth center.
  • Jónas Sig og hamingjan - streamed live from Hafnarfjarðarkirkja.