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Bergið headspace provides free counselling for young people

15. Mar 2021

An agreement has been signed with Bergið headspace. Which will provide free counselling, located in Hamarinn youth center in Hafnarfjörður.

Bergið headspace supports and provides service for young people under 25 years old. It offers counselling and education which is adapted to each individual. No problem is too small or too big. The service is based on the ideology of accessibility and confidentiality, on the top of that, the counselling is completely free.

A counsellor will be available at Hamarinn every Monday and you can book an interview on their website or by sending an e-mail to, calling 6645551 or contacting the staff at Hamarinn through their pages on Facebook or Instagram. Hamarinn is a youth center for young people aged 16-25, Suðurgata 14 , the values ​​of Hamarinn are equality, friendship and well-being.

We encourage all young people in Hafnarfjörður aged 13-25 to familiarise themselves with this information of service and take advantage of it.

BergidHeadspaceMars2021In the photo: Geir Bjarnason from Hafnarfjörður municipality and Sigurþóra Bergsdóttir, from Bergið Headspace