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Back to school autumn 2021 - Primary schools

23. Aug 2021

Back to school autumn 2021 – Primary schools

Pupils officially go back to primary schools in Hafnarfjörður on 24 August. About 4,300 children from Hafnarfjörður are going back to school this autumn, with around 350 starting in Grade 1. There are eleven primary schools operating in Hafnarfjörður, nine run by the municipal authorities, plus two independent schools: Barnaskóli Hjallastefnunnar and NÚ – Framsýn Menntun.

Back to school as normal

The government has decided that primary schools will operate as normal this autumn. This means that all pupils can expect their usual class timetable. However, schools will also continue to focus on infection prevention measures and extra hygiene. Great emphasis will be placed on hygiene among pupils. It has also been decided to keep parental visits to schools to a minimum. We ask parents to come to the school only if the matter is urgent. 

After-school centres also operating normally

After-school centres will also be operating normally. They open on Wednesday 25 August for pupils in Grades 1-4. Pupils in Grade 1 are already attending a special summer course in each primary school and will continue until schools open (24 August). Further back-to-school information can be found on the schools' websites where useful information on each school's operations and priorities may also be found. 

Food in school time and free study materials

All pupils in primary schools in Hafnarfjörður are offered porridge before classes begin. This is free of charge to parents and guardians. All primary-school pupils may also register to get fruit in the course of each morning. To register for fruit and lunch, please use the Skólamatur website: /. This does not apply to pupils at Áslandsskóli, which has its own kitchen and offers the same service for all pupils at the school. Pupils at Áslandsskóli must submit a special meal order form. Schools will provide parents with information on ordering meals when the school year begins. Meal services at primary schools will begin on 26 August.

The Hafnarfjörður municipal authorities provide pupils with study materials free of charge and handle purchasing of stationery required for schoolwork. This means that, in addition to textbooks, students receive notebooks, stationery, folders, etc. as and when they need them for their schoolwork. School bags, sports kits and stationery required for homework are to be purchased by parents.

Successful and positive co-operation between homes and schools is key

There are many things to think about when it comes to our primary schools. Usually the school in question will provide information on their day-to-day operations and the Hafnarfjörður municipal website also contains information on primary schools. It is also possible to send your questions to It is important for the school year to get off to a good start and positive connections, dialogue and co-operation between homes and schools is key to achieving this. Good study conditions and welfare in schools help each and every pupil to mature and thrive on their own terms.