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Ash Wednesday in Hafnarfjörður 2021

16. Feb 2021

Ash Wednesday in Hafnarfjörður 2021

The Civil Defense in collaboration with the Office of the Medical Director of Health and Home and School recently published guidelines regarding Ash Wednesday with ideas for a good and happy but different Ash Wednesday during epidemic times. It is most certain that fewer shops, companies and workplaces will welcome singing children this year than before. 

We know the following about the status in Hafnarfjörður: 

  • The day at primary schools is shorter than normally
  • Ash Wednesday celebration is scheduled within the schools
  • Many parent associations have organized different Ash Wednesday celebrations
  • The leisure centers will be open all day
  • The leisure centers will have a special ash day program
  • Many community centers will have a program for the older students 
  • Ash Wednesday is celebrated within the preschools 
  • Participation in the day is optional for companies, workplaces and shops
  • Free entrance fee for everyone to all the swimming pools in Hafnarfjörður all day

Our staff at Hafnarfjörður Town Hall at Strandgata 6, Hafnarfjörður Library and Hafnarborg will welcome happy singing children who pass by.