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Anna invites you - empowerment of women of foreign origin

4. Jul 2022

The Anna invites you project was launched with the help of the Sunna Zonta Club. They wanted to contribute to a project aimed at empowering women of foreign origin. This is how the project Anna invites you came into being, which holds monthly events and gatherings between September and May. Participation and program is free and open to all those who define themselves as female and from all countries of the world, including Iceland. The main benefit of the participants is the formation of new relationships while adding new knowledge and skills in a warm environment and good company.


Opportunities for promotion and personal growth

The project has given very good results and opened up opportunities for those who attend the events for personal strengthening and development, such as leading workshops and walks organized by the library and the town. The project itself has developed and been shaped by the participants themselves. In addition, the project's managers are, in a way, a source of information for every question that comes up in discussions at meetings, whether it's facilities for art exhibitions, dance classes, infant swimming courses and driving licenses, to name a few.


A grant from the Library Fund to further strengthen Anna's community

Recently, Hafnarfjörður and the Hafnarfjörður Library were honored to receive a grant from the Library Fund to keep the project going. The grant is an important recognition of the work that has been done and will come in handy to strengthen Anna's community even further. The program after the summer holidays starts in full force again on the 24th of September. All events are advertised on the Hafnarfjörður Library's Facebook page and on the town's website. There is also a special group on Facebook: Anna's ladies

20220615_155220Hugrún Margrét Óladóttir, head of the children and youth department at the Hafnarfjörður Library, and Ólafía Björk Ívarsdóttir, intercultural project manager at Hafnarfjörður municipal, take care of the Anna community and recently received a grant from the Library Fund. Here with Sigrún Guðnadóttir, director of the Hafnarfjörður Library.

Examples of meetings that have taken place:

  • Guided tour and workshop at Hafnarborg Art Museum
  • Macramé
  • Axe throwing at Víðistaðatún
  • Guided cultural walk around Hafnarfjörður
  • Watercolors 
  • Introduction and guidance on the Icelandic study game Beygja
  • Shadow theater workshop

Why Anna?

When it came to finding the name of the project, it was important that it be accessible to all. Anna is a very international name, in addition to which it means in itself a woman. Furthermore, the name honors the first director of the Hafnarfjörður Library, Anna Guðmundsdóttir, who was a pioneer in the library sector in Iceland. For example, she was the first woman to play such a role, introduced the first children's and music departments and was in charge of the establishment of the Icelandic Librarians' Association. Anna Guðmundsdóttir also held events at the library, as she was an exceptionally artistic and world-accustomed woman, visual artist and graphic designer / teacher alongside her directorate at the library.