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An interesting exhibition of old photos from Hafnarfjörður

8. Jun 2022

On Strandstígur along the harbor in Hafnarfjörður, the Hafnarfjörður Museum has exhibition facilities for its photography museum. There are photo exhibitions that shed light on the daily work and history of the people who built the town.

BaerinnMinnNySyningJun2022The photo exhibition is open 24/7 

An interesting photo exhibition of a world that was

"Bærinn minn" / "My Town" is the name of a new photo exhibition that Hafnafjörður Museum has set up on Strandstígur. The photos were taken by Anna Jónsdóttir, a photographer in Hafnarfjörður in the years 1930 - 1962. Most of the photographs were taken at the beginning of Anna's career in Hafnarfjörður or around 1930 to 1940, but then the town was growing rapidly. Since then it has undergone considerable changes. 

Exhibitions at the Hafnarfjörður Museum

The Hafnarfjörður Regional Museum has seven exhibitions. Pakkhúsið, Sívertsen húsið, Bookless Bungalow, Siggubær, Beggubúð, Gúttó and on Strandstígur. All free of charge. 

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