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An eruption has started at Fagradalsfjall - Useful information

3. Aug 2022

Almannavarnir ask people to stay calm and to not under any circumstances go close to the eruption site or on Reykjanesbraut. First responders need to be able to drive freely to assess the situation. Scientists are working on assessing the eruption, the site and possibilities.

According to the newest information from the Icelandic Meteorological Office (Veðurstofa Íslands) lava is flowing in Geldingadalir to the northeast of the crater that erupted last year. Based on available information, there is no danger, but people are kindly asked to stay away from the site and pay attention to the danger due to possible gas contamination. This is stated in an announcement from Almannavarnir.

Below are links with some useful information and points that are worth keeping in mind:

Public safety -

Air quality -

Directorate of health -

Registration form – sulfur pollution SO2

If inhabitants start to smell sulfur dioxide, we recommend that they register it through the link below. It will be sent to the Icelandic Meteorological Office. 

Registration of sulfur smell takes place here: