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American football popular in Hafnarfjörður

14. Sep 2021

A new sport introduced with visits to all primary schools in the autumn of 2021

The "amateur" team Einherji has played American football in the adult category since 2013. In the spring of 2021, the team decided to start with the task of holding an American football tournament for the first time in Iceland for the age group 13-17. With support from Hafnarfjarðarbær the organizers were able to visit all the older classes in the town's primary schools, introduce the sport to interested young people and allow them to try it out. In the autumn of 2021, younger groups will also be introduced to this new sport in Iceland. 


The season ended with an exciting tournament - the first of its kind in Iceland

Last winter and this summer, 13-17 year olds had the opportunity to take part in organized sports activities and finally a competition organized by Einherji. 

One of the roles of the health town of Hafnarfjörður  is to promote diversity in sports 

Due to interest from younger players and their parents, it has been decided to organize similar tournaments for 10-14 years old. Presentations in Hafnarfjörður's primary schools will take place in September and practices will begin early October.  The health town of Hafnarfjörður, with its decisions and support for specific and new projects, wants to promote diversity in order to increase the number of children and young people that find their exercise and sport.