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Alert phase due to the risk of wildfires

12. May 2021

The National Police Commissioner, in agreement with the Chief of Police and the Chief of the Fire Department in the Westfjords, West Iceland, the Capital Area, the South Peninsula and South Iceland have decided to declare a civil protection alert phase due to the risk of wildfires (see notification due to uncertainty phase). This decision is based on the fact that there has been little rain recently in this area and the weather forecast for the coming days does not show any precipitation to mention.

Prohibit open fire due to drought season
The Chief of the Fire Department can terminate permitted field burning or the lighting of a fire and prohibit the handling of open fire if it is considered dangerous due to weather or other safety reasons.  Along with going to alert phase, all chiefs of fire departments in the areas relative to the alert, have made the mutual decision to prohibit the handling of open fire sue to a currently ongoing drought season. Chiefs of fire departments have agreed that such a prohibition is necessary as great danger of fire can be cause by a small spark.

This prohibition takes effect as of today (May 11 2021) and applies to the region which the alert phase covers. The prohibition applies until a notification of lifting is broadcast. Violations are subject to fines.

The public and owners of summer houses in the area are encouraged to:

  • Not light a fire inside or outside (fireplaces, grills, bonfires, fireworks, etc.)
  • Not use disposable grills as well as ordinary grills
  • Check exits by summer houses
  • Check fire protection (fire extinguishers, smoke detectors) and make an escape plan
  • Not use tools that become very hot or cause sparks
  • Remove flammable material by houses (check the location of gas containers)
  • Wet the growth around houses where it is dry

If people notice wildfires, they must call 112 immediately

Photo: Freyr Arnarson @ RÚV 

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