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After-school shuttle service. Registration

28. Aug 2020

The after-school shuttle service is starting again Monday 31 August and all children in 1st - 4th grade are offered a shuttle service to sport practises that start at 15:00 and 16:00. Detailed information on departure times and places of departure from each school will be sent directly to parents within each school.

Destinations depend on the location of the children's training

The shuttle service will run every weekday until Christmas, except during the winter short break when the service is cancelled. The shuttle service stops at many locations, such as Listdansskólinn (ballet school), the music school, Björkin, FH, Haukur and SH, Hafnarfjörður Badminton Society, Keilir Golf Club or more depending on where the children in 1st - 4th grade are registered for practises in Hafnarfjörður. Practise schedules are now available at most sports clubs and many parents have already started to register their children. The project is a cooperative effort of the Hafnarfjörður municipality, the sport clubs and Hópbílar, who provide the service.

Registering for after-school shuttle services

It is recommended to first register children for practices and then for the shuttle service, as everyone will receive a place on the shuttle service. Registration for the shuttle service is done through Mínar síður (My Pages) - Grunnskólar (Primary schools) - Frístundaakstur (After-school shuttle services). 


The shuttle service is free to parents. An employee from the after-school centre accompanies the children on every trip and ensures the safety of the children on the shuttle and that everyone ends up at the right activity.

Children who are not registered in an after-school centre in 1st - 4th grade can also take advantage of the shuttle service, but it is the parents' responsibility to register them and ensure that they arrive on time at the starting point of the shuttle service. Guardians will then pick up the children when practice is over.

It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to amend the application if there are changes to practises or practise times, and attention is drawn to the fact that registrations and changes take effect after 24 hours. The process is the same as in the case of a new application. It is not possible to make changes by email or telephone. Please note that registration for children in the Haukasel after-school activity centre takes place at Haukasel.